Seasonal Depressive Disorder

Today it snowed in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The days are getting shorter and the need for warm hats are on the rise.

Let’s talk really quickly about how people may notice that they’re feeling more “low” during this time of year, and how people that have never struggled with mental illness may begin to experience symptoms. You may be someone who suffers from seasonal depressive disorder. Science is still really unclear on this disorder, but it seems to be from a lack of sunlight and a shift in circadian rhythm. From my own anecdotal evidence, I tend to notice if I don’t up my vitamin D intake throughout the darker months, I experience a different kind of depression. It’s not so much the crushing depression that I have, but more of a “low” feeling that I’m assuming comes from the lack of vitamin D. If you start feeling down this fall/winter, try upping your vitamin D, and see what happens. If you see no positive changes in a few weeks, you may be one of the few people who experience light and circadian rhythm seasonal depression and would possibly benefit from looking into light therapy. Also I should clarify, all of what I’m saying here is VERY under-studied, so I’m speaking from a point of anecdotal self-experimentation and speaking to other people who have experienced similar situations. Much love.