Motivation & Drive

Let’s talk about motivation and drive.
People ALWAYS ask me how I’m so motivated. It’s more family and/or people that meet me and find out what I’m doing. “You workout that much?” “You started a business?” Etc. And then the question comes. “How are you so motivated?” Here’s the thing; I’m not.

I’m not motivated. I don’t have “motivation” I do the things I do. I do them because I want to accomplish something in my life. I want to have a physique that I’m proud of. I want to help people. I want to leave the world a slightly better place than when I showed up. That’s it. 
And yeah, I’ve worked my ass off towards those goals, but I’m not even close to perfect. I use YouTube as an example. My internal drive to create youtube content powered WAY down, for months. I didn’t even touch the camera. I was unmotivated to make YouTube videos because it wasn’t my top priority. However I was always pushing towards getting better in SOME way, and that’s all it really takes. If you’re looking for external motivation, I’m sorry, it won’t last. 
That’s why YouTube took a backseat. It was driven by motivation to hit a deadline, and as soon as my mental health dipped, that motivation did too. But my drive to get better, be more, and help people? That never wavers. 

Your mental health is going to impact your day to day, but never let it take over your long term goal. Even if you don't REGRESS, you're achieving something. Slow progression is still progression.

Day 1 - 1mm forward.

Day 2 - 2mm forward.

Day 3 - No movement.

Day 4 - 1 mm forward.

Day 5 - 1 mm backwards.

Day 6 - 1mm forwards.

Day 7 - 1mm forwards.

Total - 5mm forwards.

No matter what, keep moving forward. Keep pushing. Eventually the tiny steps add up.
I do what I do because my internal self demands it. It demands I do better, create more, become a better version of this vessel I drive around in. It’s internal drive to be great, not motivation. So get up and do something today.

Much love🤙🏻

Riley Deveau