I believe that Monday sets up your week. For example, if your Monday is REALLY stressful, you may be more inclined to have a stormy week ahead. That, however, doesn’t guarantee a bad week! I believe that if you treat Monday as the starting point, everything you need to finish in a week can be achieved from that.


So, if you do have that really stressful Monday morning, think of it like the starting gun going off at a race. Once the gun fires, you misstep and your start is a little slow. Are you going to give up on the race? No. You’re going to bust your ass to catch up. The week is kind of like that, if your Monday is rough, you can’t just let that ruin your whole week! You need to work twice as hard on Monday to catch up, and Tuesday, and Wednesday…etc. You get it. The only person that’s allowing Monday to beat them, is the person who gives up at the slightest sign of hard work. In my opinion, Mondays make or break people.


On the other hand, there’s the possibility that your Monday is super chill, everything goes to plan, and you CRUSH it. I know a lot of people who then fall into the “Well all the hard work is done, lets coast” mentality. That couldn’t be MORE counterproductive. If you’ve finished the REALLY stressful stuff that early in the week…why not set new goals? Or better yourself? Or just get yourself ahead for the next week. Don’t take vacations when you haven’t earned a vacation. If you’re working, WORK. Work till it’s done, work till you’ve accomplished Monday-Friday, and THEN rest. But while the work week is here, grind.


Monday’s can make or break your week, but not if you know how to smack Monday upside the head and take control.


Hope this motivated you to work a little harder today, or whatever following Monday is coming after you read this, because in all honesty, I wrote it to convince myself. To follow my own instructions.


Let’s get to work.