Heat Therapy

Good morning Trinity family, and welcome to another wonderful week.

I say that because studies have finally been published on something I've been talking about forever, which is hyperthermic therapy, aka heat therapy.

Let me start out with a little story. So about a year ago I was listening to the JRE podcast (if you don't listen, you should), and Dr. Rhonda Patrick was the guest. Now Dr. Patrick is an incredible scientist, and a very smart person, who speaks at about 1000 miles an hour. While trying to keep up, I honed in on her mention of how sauna usage could decrease all-cause mortality by up to 40%. If you really stop and think about that, it's an incredible pay off for simply sitting in a sauna for 20 minutes, a few times a week. However, she mentioned that studies were being conducted on the benefits of sauna for cancer treatment AND mental health treatment. So naturally, instead of waiting for the studies to come out, I jumped in the sauna the next day. To this very moment, the sauna has been the best treatment I've ever used to help with my anxiety. It takes it away completely, for at least a few hours I have no inkling of it. It's incredible. 

I started recommending it to everyone I could, but I only had anecdotal evidence. UNTIL NOW! 

This study states that one session of full body, self induced hyperthermia, similar to a sauna session, produced a significant antidepressant effect apparent within a week of treatment that lasted 6 weeks after treatment in people with major depressive disorder AND reduced biomarkers of inflammation. Incredible. I cannot WAIT for this to be further studied, because even though I've known about the sauna benefits for only a year, it's been one of the biggest differences in my life. 




Much love,

Riley Deveau